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all in french

would like to see a translated version. I want to know what is going on in france as well.

Intl News

Great way to get away from the " The Earth is flat " Fox like news New music , Intl events. Travel from your armchair and improve your French

French radio for iPod

This is what Ive been looking for! French radio on my iPod.


One of the best, if not THE best app ive seen on the iphone. Its works like a charm, and its design is very neat.


Does come on after a long way, after a ad for Radio France Concerts or not at all! I am a fervent listener from Usa and i am disappointed! Hoping for better app in the future

The Alarm was Back :(

Recently I was so glad to see the alarm was back. Too bad... it has not been working ever since. Not once! A useless gimmick. Guys, dont you ever test the features before releasing them? That would be a great idea!

Love the UI

Great app!

Doesnt work at all on ipad. Previous version did!!!!!!

Doesnt work at all on ipad. Previous version did!!!!!! It deserve no star

You broke it

Thanks for the update but now you have a totally useless radio app. Does not work on iPhone 4 or iPad 4 anymore. Deleted,

Great app-très bon app!

Excellent coverage in French of news in France and the world. Frequent updates of headlines. Offre les nouvelles de la France et du monde. Actualités à la une.

Wheres fip?

This app took away my favorite radio... Dont upgrade!

Perfect for catching up on the French news

App does the essentials. Live news listening, 3 min news summary any time. And more...

Streaming bandwidth issues

Seem to have bandwidth issue streaming to the USA

Best Decision Ever? You bet!

My French teacher demanded I download this little app. After a little hesitation I obliged, and I have yet to look back. Hands down best app Ive ever used. Five stars.


Ive been studying French for over a year now and this app is superb if you want to listen to 24/7 love news! Has helped so much with sharpening my listening skills and accent. I highly recommend it!

Not working in the background

This version is not working in the background with iOS 9 on iPhone 5s.


My app disappeared after I downloaded IOS 9.0.2

Love it!

Very easy to navigate

Fonctionne bien

En bref, ça marche.

Great app

Easy to navigate. And keeps me up to date with French news. Love it!